Gary Fok



I started playing football when I was 10 years old. To begin with, I played as a goalkeeper because all my elder brothers who played this position before and were willing to coach me how to guard the goal. I had been playing this position for 5 years before moving forward to the defensive line because I was not tall enough to be a goalkeeper.

g_team1.jpg (28124 bytes) I am in green shirt (second right in the front row)


Accurate and hard tackle is an important skill to be a good defensive player. Unlike many others who don't like this position, I played this role for a few years because it allowed me to develop my tackling skills.


I spent most of my years playing the midfield because there was a period that no body in my team was willing to play midfielders. Also, I found it comfortable to use either my left or right foot to play, plus my accurate passing skills, all making me an ideal candidate to be a midfielder. In addition, my experience in defensive football enabled me to perform well in this position.  


This is the role I haven’t get much involvement ever since I played football, as I was not tall enough and no good in shooting. Also, I was sometimes afraid of getting injuries by the hard tackle of the opponents. 


I scored most of my goals when I was playing as a midfielder in the last 15 minutes of the games because the strikers created a lot of spaces for me while the opponents were tired. Also, my goal scoring records have improved a lot  due to the improvement in coordination and formation of my team. I almost scored goals for each team I have been played for and amazingly some of the goals were really superb and world class.


There have always been problems of inadequate football grounds in Hong Kong to organise enough games for the team.  Difficulties in getting enough players and managing my team, including managing the squad and the tactics, were some of the challenges to be a good manager. The situation gets worse off when some of the core players do not turn up. In addition, trials of new players in different positions are required in order to determine their positions in my team. The conflict between team members is also hard to deal with, and if not properly resolved, it could result in poor performance for the whole team. Where a conflict arisen, my whole team shall jointly determine the responsibility and, in a worse case scenario, I may suspend the problem members for a few games.


Football ties and football shirts are my favourite collections of football souvenirs because I can use these fashion ties in my daily life.


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