Gary Fok
Soccer and I


My Introduction

Football ground is my home; I enjoy running on the grass and am very happy to see my teammates' smiling all the time. Football always gives me immense pleasure. There are no tears, no fears, no rivalry, no lies, no jokes and no complaints in football games. Everyone is true and dedicated to each game. The cooperation and communication between each other enhances friendship Irrespective of the results of the games, I enjoyed saving goals as it is a challenging job for me and it plays an important role for the team.

My characters and personality are clearly displayed in football. My enthusiasm and courage as well as my attributes of calmness, faithfulness and attentive contribute to my consistent and superb performance in each game. In particular to intercept timely the deadly passes and ease the face-to-face challenges, I am quick, brave and decisive in saving goals. My excellent leadership skills can also be seen in making the squad and tactics for each game as well as directing teammates in moving around the pitch.

Gifted with comprehensive goalkeeping skills and superb defensive sense, I have been very successful in keeping goal especially after I returned to this position 3 years ago. In each game, I earned lots of round applauses and praise from my teammates, including

“Gary is born as a goalkeeper”
“Well done, goalie”
“Great job, goalkeeper”
“Clean and timely intercept”
“Extraordinary jumping”
“Lightning response”

In response to their queries on my superb performances, I should mention the football lessons given by my 3 elder brothers, who were also good goalkeepers. Also, my football idols are Gordon Banks, Pat Jennings, Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence.

Incredibly, I’ve been playing for 8 teams since 2007 and the memories of the games are definitely unforgettable. Three of them are worth to mention. In spite of losing 0:4 in an amateur league game, I eased 4 face-to-face challenges and cleared 3 deadly passes In destroying the opponent by 9:0, I saved 2 powerful and laser like long shots to keep the clean sheet. Furthermore, my perfect performance ensured a 2:2 draw against a strong rival. In that particular game, I made 13 important saves (8 long powerful shots, 4 close shots and 1 powerful header) and cleared 5 deadly passes.



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