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My First Team 

My elder brothers and I set up our first team, Cilvence, when I was at the age of 13, with the use of their old team name and red shirts.

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Teams in Transitional Period

After a few years, we set up another team under the same name but with new yellow shirts. Unfortunately, the team was dismissed after three years.

With our endeavour in football, we continued forming new teams thereafter. A stable squad could not be established during that period because individual members were not committed enough. Instead of making uniform for games, we just asked individual players to put on their own red shirts, the colour of our favourite teams, e.g. Liverpool, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, etc.
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Old Team 

With the introduction of various young players, currently the core team members, a new and better team was set up in 1993. There was no formal name for the team, and they just called it Gary's Team, and we used the white Parma shirts with our own names printed on the back of the shirt. We also bought blue shirts for the use in away games one year after the team established.

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My England Team

In 2006, I decided to re-build my team and so I made a big change to the squad. The "no show" players were eliminated and I introduced good quality players from other teams. Also, I've moved back to the goal line and I always play in other positions at the last 15 minutes of each game. Our team name remains as Gary's Team, and we used the white England shirts. Since the establishment, we have marked a record of 9 wins in a row in January 2009.


Guitar F.C. was established on 4 November 2010 with our own Home (red) and Away (white) team shirts. With the addition of young stars from Miko and Lung and my old secondary school, the team has entered into golden era that it has become more stable and stronger.

The passage of time has not only shown their tremendous performances and improvements on skills, but has also evidenced their grown up of admitting to and eventually graduated from muniverisities. Since the establishment, we have marked a record of 12 wins in a row with a remarkable and the biggest victoy of 12-0 against Atkins on 9 February 2011.

Team members

The composition of the team is a mix of my friends, classmates, colleagues and relatives. So, in addition to enjoying football games, we also consider football games are some form of social gathering opportunity. We also have foreign players, mostly from the UK, and they can always improve our squad and performance.  The squad's members have been kept changing due to the retirement of players and the departure of foreign players.

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To avoid vigorous games and injuries, my team prefers to play friendly matches. However, having introduced ambitious players, we joined two football competitions  few years ago and, fortunately, we won the second runners-up  in one of the competition.

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My Team