Gary Fok





I began my guitar life at the age of 12 when I was studying in Form 2. My elder brothers taught me basic skills, which enabled me to play various folks, pops and music.


Music Competitions

With the encouragement of my music teacher, Miss Cheung, I attended three music competitions and, with a little bit of luck, I won two medals.



My first performance was in an Annual Ball of an organisation in 1986. I also performed "Bass" guitar in the Annual Dinner in the same year. Thereafter, I actively participated in various mini-concerts organised by the "Friends of the Philharmonics" as well as Christmas Balls of KCRC.


Guitar Transposing 

I always wish to play my favourite music and songs with my guitar. So I tried to transpose music for guitar solo after I finished my secondary school. Those years were difficult because I could only learn by trial and errors.
Having spent years in practising guitar transposing, my first guitar book was published in October 2000. I also completed transposing over 200 pieces of hymns, of which 75 pieces are now available in China Alliance Press, since April 2001. Then I continued making my favourite music and songs for solo arrangements and my second and third guitar book were published in November 2002 and August 2004 respectively.  



By the grace of God, I have a talent in composing music and songs. Recently, I finished some music and songs, which include pop songs, hymns and children songs. I am glad that my first hymns CD was finished in November 2005. Also, I keep writing songs and music to express my feelings.


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