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My Favourite Songs

There are hundreds of favourite songs and music on my favourite track list, and however here below are some them.

Children Songs
The traditional Little Girl and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as well as The Little Universe of Joseph Koo are the children songs I like the most.

Local Popular Songs
There are a bundle of songs I always sing, which are mostly written in 1980s and 1990s. The songs from Sam Hui are of course at the top of my list because both the melody and lyrics are well written and of course his voice is very charming. For female singer, I prefer Priscilla Chan as her songs are very beautiful and lovely. Besides, the the most famous song of each singer also attract me, such as Under the Lion Rock of Roman Lo. However, I have particular preference in the songs talking about friendship and family.

Overseas Popular Songs

It is undoubtedly that the Yesterday of Beatles, the First of May of Bee Gees, the Yesterday's Once More of the Carpenters, Donna Donna of Joan Bias, etc. are all on my favourite track list. Although one may consider they are too old, but the quality of these songs are far better than the current popular songs. Despite I can read Japanese, some of the Japanese songs are really appealing to me.

I have no bias between the classical music and the modern music.As such, I never attempt to distinguish their difference because I enjoy listening to and playing the music irrespective of their age and type. For Elise of Beethoven, the Air in G and the Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring of Bach, the Four Seasons and the Concerto in D Major of Vivaldi, the Maiden's Prayer, the Cavatina of Stanley Mayers, the Spanish Malaguena are few of my favourite music.




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