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Since songs express feelings, my songs collections comprise a wide variety of topics which can be used in different situations.

Children Songs
Children are naive and lively and therefore their songs are always happy and vivid. These songs are usually short and simple for easy to memorise. Having joined various events organised by the Caritas Children's Choir, I got a pleasant feeling and so I wrote a song specially for them in 2007.

孩子夢, 月亮叔叔, 寵物多FUN

Campus Folk Songs

In responding the question of why I chose playing the guitar, I always mention my most respectful teacher, Miss Cheung - the music teacher of Pui Tun Secondary School, because she had given encouragements and support in the early days of my guitar life. Therefore, I have written a song to express my thankful to her. Besides, I has also written some song telling my life at school.

依然記起 , 春風化雨, 塞翁失馬, 友情, 天天開心笑

Popular Songs

Popular songs cover most aspects of life as they describe the popular topics and situations of a particular period of time, such as love, anti-wars, family, friendship, etc. To promote harmony family life, I composed the Warm Family in 2007. A year later, I wrote a song, called the Sound of Urge, which reminds us that the selfish behaviour of men creates wars and destroy the environment.


Love Songs
I distinguish love songs from popular songs as it is a very big topic, for which many songs have been written. Love songs can be sad and happy. In my early collections, most of my songs are sad, which reflects my feelings at that moment. Since 2007, I began writing romantic love songs after meeting my true love.

, 甜甜蜜

With the grace of God, I have written some hymns. I have complied a CD which comprises some of these hymns. Also, I have composed some hymns for various churches.

打開心靈, 我的禱告, 靠著你,, 光和鹽, 甜甜蜜, 一生不變





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