Gary Fok


I have more than 100,000 mint and used stamps from all over the world.

My favourite topics are:
        - Flags
        - Football (Soccer)
        - Christmas
        - Biblical
        - Transport
        - Peace (Doves)
        - Coat of Arms
        - Children
        - Folklore / Costume
        - Story
        - Greetings
        - Music
        - Red Cross
        - Stamp on Stamp
        - Environmental Protection
        - Road Safety
        - Railway
        - Map
        - Airline

My most favourite topic is flags, referring to the national flag stamps issued by the most countries. It is very difficult to obtain these stamps from all countries. The flags are arranged into different interesting formats on the stamps: For example:

        - The Brazil flag is shown in Landscape
        - The Luxembourg flag is coloured on its map
        - The Lithuania flag is placed at the tail of a music note
        - The Ghana flag is drawn as a flower
        - The Turkey flag is made as a curtain
        - The Switzerland flag is coloured on a latern
        - The Great Britain flag is placed in a puzzle
        - The Syrian flag is in a girl's long hair
In addition, this topic has opened my eyes in flags of small countries, e.g. Ciskei, Comor Island, Monaco, etc. I have also found some old flags on stamps, e.g. Congo, South Africa, etc.

I am pleased that my first publication of stamp book "Snapshots of Christmas Stamps" was issued in October 2006. Also, I am compiling other volumes on different thematics and hopefully the entire series are useful to all of you.



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